Dieter Bischoff (Austria):

"Dear Turid, Im excited. I asked you for various detailled Horoscopes and let me tell you: Its simply AWESOME what you are able to see!
Weather Partnership Analysis or Business Tendencies. Everything makes sense and you also described Occurences from the Past correctly, too. I have to confess that ive been always very sceptical towards Astrology cause I never understood the Meaning of f.i. Moon in 5th House, but you explain everything very simple but profound, too.

Your Horoscope Forecasts are always something very special to me! Very profound and correct. You always analyzes Things/Problems immediately straight down to the Roots and you are an absolute gain to me! Your Interpretations are never trivial but coherent, meaningful, honest, inquisitional and problems orientated.
You get to know a lot about owns Personality and you detect the current "Construction Zones" immediately and demonstrates those professionally with the necessary Sensitivity. Your Statements and Forecasts were always absolutely correct and apply to Past, Presence but also Future Evaluations.
Each Time I`m thrilled about your absolute "Know how", your selfconfident, persistent but nevertheless friendly Character combined with Honesty & Humour. For me you are unique, a vital Contact Point & Support in my Searching and on my future Way."

Lisi Tribelnig (Austria):

"Dear Turid, many many many Thanks & Im so excited from Your Analysis! Until today Ive never heard nor read about this fantastic Method of Horary Astrology Horoscopes which answers only a concrete Question insomuch appropriate & fas but nevertheless comprehensive!

You have analyzed my Question 100% & appropriate, helped me at the right Time when I needed Help & Im really grateful for this! I will surely recommand you to all my Friends!

Many Thanks once again for your fast & fantastical Support!!! Lisi"



Elisabeth Steinitz (Austria):

"Dear Turid, many many Thanx for your incredibly extensive Birth Chart Horoscope!!! I not only got Goosepimples while reading it because I recognized SOOO much of my Personality but most importantly it simply made "CLICK" - and Ive suddenly understood some "heavy Knots in my Head" and the MOST IMPORTANT THING: ...SOLVE THEM!!!!! THANX THANX THANX!!!!"