About Turid Pichler

For about nearly 30 Years Ive been passionately fascinated by the tremendously exciting Field of Astrology.

Ive been especially inspired not only by my longtime & clairvoyant - unfortunately already deceased - Teacher Mag. Kunze, but also by many especially anglo-american Astrologers. Regarding the old traditional Horary Astrology Ive learned a lot from European Astrologers (German, Dutch & Italian).


My personal Pet Issue focuses on the classischen Horary / Consultancy Astrology, which - in ancient times - was an exclusive privilege of Nobily & clerical Leaders, of Kings & Queens or Popes. Astrologers elected the optimal Timing Horoscopes for Weddings, Harvesting of Cereals, Medical Treatments but also Conquering Expeditions and many more.

F.i. Queen Elizabeth I. had her Crowning Day selected by the famous Astrologer John Dee & successfully ruled for 45 Years.


With this modernized special analyzing Technique, Im able to answer any of Your Questions - fast & exactly.