The greek Word "Astrology" is composed of "Astron"=Stars & "Logos"=Teaching & means "Star Divination".

Astrology therefore is the Science of cosmic Laws, a Theory of Harmony of the Universe - a cosmic Psychology.


For over thousands of Years the Science of Astrology together with Astronomy was explored by Priests & Scientists only.

Astronomy was used to calculate the specific Constellations of the Planets, while Astrology delivered the special Meaning, Interpretation (back then for Kings  & Queens only).

By using Astrology, which has already been documented over 7.000 Years ago, we get a vital Instrument to understand & deal with the current Situations & Testings of our Lives better.
An horoscope clearly shows not only past & presence but also possible future Personality Development Paths & Solutions.
But no Astrologer can take your Responsability for Your Life - You must decide on Your Own! But we can guide You.